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Welcome to my world of digital photography ...
a place I arrived at against my will.

Composite Photographs (C) 2012 Andrew G. Dantzler

Photographic Ideas
and Emotions by Govan

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To me photography is a world of light, form, and textures.  These elements when combined together, become an extension of our eye and mind, enabling us to express ideas and emotion.
Using a digital photographic format has enabled me to seamlessly combine the two worlds of fantasy and reality with a new versatility of transforming my conventional and/or digital photographs to unleash my ideas and emotions.  All photographs on this site were taken with a digital camera and/or were digitally manipulated.
I believe that to survive as a photographer today, one must be proficient in the technical aspects of both conventional and digital photography.
Having been a photographer since 1954, I fully intended to keep my darkroom, but after purchasing my Olympus E-10, in Nov. of 2000, I have gone completely digital.



NOTE:  Andrew G. Dantzler has passed away and his site is no longer active.  *


* Viewers may still see and/or purchase my husband's work via Fine Art America's Website. *

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